Australian Athlete Veronica Ivy Protests against Ban of Trans Women from Sports

Posted on: July 10, 2021. Last updated on: July 14, 2021

LGBTQ+ activists are fighting an uphill battle all around the globe, in order to make the world of sports more inclusive and queer-friendly. But they are facing a lot of opposition from conservatives and homophobes. In fact , GOP lawmakers in the United States have introduced greater than a 100+ bills inside their respective states to stop transgender athletes from taking part in different sports. They argue that trans athletes playing in women’s divisions have an “unfair advantage” over their cis competitors. Perhaps one of the most outspoken opponents of the laws may be the Australian academic and competitive cyclist, Veronica Ivy.

What Veronica Ivy Has to Say About These Bills

Veronic Ivy, who also happens to be a two-time world champion of the cycling track tournament, has used Twitter to air her opinions in what she calls a “coordinated attack” on trans athletes. The actual fact that US lawmakers are attempting to enact legislation to avoid trans girls and women from taking part in sports is “reprehensible”. It is very transphobic as well, since every one of the lawmakers won't look at trans women as real women. Southern state Mississippi, notorious because of its ultra-conservative outlook, has enacted the unfair ‘Mississippi Fairness Act’.


This flurry of bills has increased over the past month or two, especially after President Biden signed an executive order to prevent discrimination like sexual orientation and gender identity. In fact , the order was designed to prevent children from being denied usage of sports, restrooms, lockers, and so forth Despite the executive order, Republican lawmakers from the Southern states have taken it upon themselves to ban transgender athletes from taking part in their desired divisions. The International Olympic Committee has allowed trans athletes since 2003, therefore the claims of “unfairness” made by the lawmakers are only plain transphobia.

Advocacy Groups Protest Against the “Unconstitutional” Bills

LGBTQ+ advocacy groups all over the US, like Human Right Campaign (HRC), have now been working very difficult to oppose these bills from being passed. Actually the president of HRC, Alphonso David has truly gone on record to categorically declare that the argument that trans women have an “unfair advantage” over cis women is a myth. David said that proponents of the myth are spreading “disinformation”, that will be transphobic and is dangerous for the health and over all wellbeing of trans youth and athletes. HRC is working very hard to stop these bills totally.

David also said that if Republican lawmakers cared about women’s rights in the wonderful world of sports, they might be funding athletic programs, fighting for pay equality, and opposing sexual harassment. Instead, that is just another chance for GOP ultra-right conservatives to be transphobic and homophobic. David has gone to state that these lawmakers are out to complete is dehumanize and demean transgender people. It’s also worth noting that the majority of the bills which were introduced have already been backed by Christian fundamentalist groups. Aside from Mississippi, Kansas, Utah, Georgia, and Tennessee also have introduced similar bills.

Alliance Defending Freedom – Hate Group Masquerading as Civil Rights Group

The key group behind the adoption of anti-trans athlete bills is Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF. One of many first anti-trans bills is Idaho’s “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”, that was backed by the ADF and GOP representative Barbara Erhardt. The ADF has been very active in battling LGBTQ+ rights, and also have gone to oppose gay marriage, business refusals, etc. The ADF says it is defending “religious freedom”, but many well-known advocacy groups in the US have referred to the ADF as an “anti-LGBT hate group”.

Lawmakers in at least 5 states have utilized the ADF’s anti-trans bill template, and the ADF in addition has mailed the template to thousands of schools all over the United states of america. It's very clear that the bills are created to be asked for by constituents and voters, however the real actors behind their passage are evangelical and conservative hate groups such as the ADF. Trans youth and athletes struggling with dysphoria and hate need to fight a steady uphill battle because of the efforts of ADF and stuff like that. Veronica Ivy has been very outspoken in this regard.

Introducing Legislation at the Grassroots Level

GOP lawmakers are attempting to implement legislation that means it is “child abuse” for trans children to be provided with conversion-related care and therapy. This really is nothing but open transphobia, built to marginalize, oppress, and dehumanize trans people from finding their own gender identity. This is an unconstitutional act and must be stopped as soon as possible.

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