The Best Gambling Movies of All-Time

There is no doubt that the best gambling movies made some of us superfans of casino gaming. The best part is that such movies offer a large amount of insight into the world of real income betting. There are many classic movies that may inspire and motivate you to try your hands at gambling. Movies of such genres teach us how to simply take risks and just how to be bold. Additionally, they show the gambling industry from the interior out. Therefore, if you have recently caught the bug of gambling, then here are a few suggested movies about gambling that’ll entertain you and certainly will supply you with the most amazing cinematic experience.

Why Players Like Gambling Films

The very best movies for gambling offer gamblers and non-gamblers a lot of interesting insight into the world of casinos, sports betting, and so forth Documentaries can offer information regarding how a casino really works. You may also use these documentaries to understand gambling strategy and betting laws. It’s rather a very enriching experience.

Besides this, the very best movies for gamblers are also very entertaining. They are going to transport you into the fast-paced realm of betting and bookmaking. These films are thrillers – so it is a fact that you’ll have an amazing experience. Once you’ve watched these movies, you will undoubtedly be making accounts on the top betting apps.

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Top 7 Films Related to Gambling

If you’re new to the gambling industry, you ought to take a peek at this list of the seven most readily useful gambling movies of all time.

Casino by Martin Scorsese

The casino is a 1995 Martin Scorsese masterpiece starring Robert de Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone amongst others. It includes a chilling look within the daily operations of 1 of the biggest casino hotels in Vegas, Nevada. It was adapted from the book “Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas” by Nicholas Pileggi.

De Niro plays the primary character of “Ace” Rothstein, who’s centered on Frank Rosenthal. It is among the top gambling movies ever and was critically acclaimed for its direction, production design, and script. Sharon Stone’s performance was designated by various awards, and she also was able to win the Golden Globe Award for Most useful Actress.

Even though the resort and casino featured in the film are fictional, it is centered on a real-life casino that served as a front for cash laundering by the Italian-American mafia. That is a film that provides one of the most in-depth talks about gambling generally speaking, and is for that reason a must-watch for almost any gambler – regardless of how experienced you are.

Ocean’s Eleven by Steven Soderbergh

Should you ever look for the most notable movies about gambling, then this Steven Soderbergh classic is likely to be on top of the list. This really is a comedy-heist film and stars an ensemble cast featuring some of the biggest names of Hollywood. It’s on the basis of the 1960 ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

The principal character in this film is Danny Ocean, an expert thief, and hustler who teams up with ten others so that they can steal $150 million from the three main Nevada casinos. Ocean wants to steal the amount of money from these casinos as they are owned by Terry Benedict, who’s currently associated with Danny Ocean’s ex-wife Tess Ocean.

This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and engaging gambling movies that you will ever see. The plot of the film is lovely, and the performances by the cast are simply amazing. There’s also a large amount of dry humor involved in the film, which just elevates the watching experience. There are lots of fun celebrity cameos in the film also.

21 by Robert Luketic

This really is a 2008 film that was directed by Robert Luketic – starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, and Laurence Fishburne. It tells the true story of a group of students from MIT who cheated Vegas casinos out of huge amount of money through the use of sophisticated card counting methods. It’s an adaptation of the book ‘Bringing Down the House’.

Should you want to know the logic of gambling, then 21 is amongst the best places to start out. Blackjack may be a gambling game, nonetheless, it can be beaten by a talented player. Sophisticated techniques like card counting, shuffling, and so on can be used to improve one’s odds at the overall game. This scheme started completely in 1979.

21 is amongst the best movies for gambling tips since it offers a large amount of information regarding what card counting is really. You need to use the info using this movie while you’re betting on the web to produce better bets and win a great bit of money. 21 is a movie that makes the web wagering experience lots of fun.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story by A.W. Vidmar

This is a 2003 biographical film that tells the story of Stu Ungar, who is among the world’s most prolific poker players. It absolutely was directed with a. W. Vidmar starred Michael Imperioli in the lead role as Ungar. Ungar is undoubtedly the best poker player of them all.

Stu Ungar was a highly successful poker and gin player who was able to win the World Number of Poker (WSOP) Main Event twice. To date, he is one of only a couple to achieve this feat. Ungar is also the only individual who won the Super Bowl of Poker three times. He was a really self-destructive and arrogant player.

By taking in certain of the insights from Stu Ungar’s life, you are able to play poker at one of the legal online betting sites in Australia. Even although you don’t win the WSOP, you can still have lots of fun and win a pretty decent amount of cash. Ungar was also good at blackjack because of his near-perfect recall ability.

The Player: Secrets of a Las Vegas Whale by Trish Regan

That is a documentary film that serves as a guide to gambling for new and experienced bettors. It tells the story of Don Johnson who’s one of the most prolific professional gamblers of the 21st century. In 2011, he won $15 million from the large Atlantic City casinos.

For the reason that time frame, the casinos were coping with the economic crisis of 2008 and persuading their players to play for very high stakes. By negotiating several changes to a standard blackjack game, Johnson was able to be given a large mathematical advantage. He played for 12 hours at the Tropicana and managed to make a lot more than $6 million in profits.

He also was able to defeat other casinos like Borgata and Caesars out of $4 and $5 million respectively – dealing a very heavy blow to the gambling industry in Atlantic City NJ. This doc can be an in-depth look at Johnson’s playing strategy, where he’s interviewed by well-known news host and journalist Trish Regan. It really is an excellent piece of cinema work.

Casino Royale by Martin Campbell

This movie is a must-watch if you should be a fan of James Bond. It’s an adaptation of the novel compiled by Ian Fleming, that will be one of the most popular Bond novels of all time. It’s also the first film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond – and the first Bond film since the reboot.

In this film, the mission of James Bond is to defeat terrorist financier Le Chiffre at a higher stakes poker game in Montenegro. If you should be a fan of poker, then this film is a crucial watch for you. It features a lot of gritty action scenes, which you’ll surely love. The poker game details are also excessively realistic.

Although many people criticized the casting of Daniel Craig as James Bond, the film opened to universal acclaim. Craig’s performance and reinvention of James Bond drew a whole lot of praise. Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, and Judi Dench’s performances were also praised by critics and audiences alike. In fact, author Raymond Benson said that it absolutely was the “perfect Bond film”.

Now Place Your Bets by Dennis Tobler

Now Place Your Bets is a must-watch documentary for everybody who is interested in the world of casinos and web sports betting. It really is a chronicle of the dramatic rise in popularity of sports betting in the cities of Nevada and Atlantic City. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Tobler conducted many interviews and has were able to procure a lot of inside information in his bid to shoot this film. The main element events and exact milestones that wound up shaping the gambling industry in America and Australia were chronicled nicely by the director. It really is one of the most illuminating documentary films that you will ever see.

Some of the most well-known oddsmakers, gamblers, bookmakers, handicappers, etc . have already been featured in this film. In the event that you watch this documentary, you will gain a whole lot of insight and information on the prolific world of sports betting and gambling. Online betting real money and on the web bets are also covered by Tobler and most of his interviewees.


So, this really is it! These are the top 7 films that any gambling enthusiast should see one or more times in their lives. If you wind up loving the films, then you can re-watch them again and again. They’re timeless masterpieces that never get old. You are able to enjoy and learn a lot from these movies!